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24 Jul 2016Now we have over 90% of the selections on our website.
14 Jul 2016South African and Algerian selections added.
13 Jul 2016GBR, FRA, UKR, NED, CZE selections added.
12 Jul 2016German, Nigerian and Indian selections added.
11 Jul 2016Canadian and Mexican selections added.
11 Jul 2016Jamaican selections added. Note: Bolt, Thompson, Parchment and Russell could still replace athletes, but for the purpose of our lists it wouldn't change anything.
11 Jul 2016US selections added.
05 Jul 2016Brazilian selections added.
04 Jul 2016Selections from US Olympic trials will be added daily.
04 Jul 2016Added selections from Jamaican championships. Note: Elaine Thompson, Usain Bolt and Hansle Parchment asked for medical exemptions, therefore the selections for 100 & 200m men, 200m women and 110 hurdles are not final.
30 Jun 2016Added 22 French and 28 German selections.
27 Jun 2016Japanese selections added
27 Jun 2016Automatic selections from GBR and TTO trials added.
14 Jun 2016Japanese race walking selections added.
05 Jun 2016First round of Peruvian selections added. Team Refugee Olympic added.
01 Jun 2016Portuguese marathon and race walking selections added.
31 May 2016German marathon selections added.
26 May 2016First round of Puerto-Rican selections added. South African marathon selections added.
24 May 2016First round of Danish and Swedish selections added. Irish marathon selections added.
23 May 2016Happy birthday Mrs. Tilastopaja.
19 May 2016Ethiopian marathon selections added.
10 May 2016Kenyan marathon selections added.
06 May 2016Argentine, Mexican and Swiss marathon selections added.
22 Apr 2016New Zealand initial selections added.
14 Apr 2016We've added a mousover with additional info for TFP and DNS.
03 Apr 2016Australian initial selections of track and field events added.
31 Mar 2016First round of Finnish selections added.
17 Mar 2016Japanese marathon selections added.
14 Feb 2016USA marathon selections added.
05 Feb 2016DNS: Manish Singh Rawat (IND) is too young for Race Walk events. Teferi Regasa (ETH), Alisa Vainio (FIN), Lee Suk-Jeong (KOR) and Zerfie Limeneh (ETH) are too young for Marathon events.

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